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Flying Artillery

In 1995 the 2nd Virginia Cavalry Co.C made the decision to portray flying artillery in addition to cavalry. To our knowledge ,only a few units in the world reenact flying or horse artillery! “Flying artillery” units were attached to and traveled along with the cavalry and became a 19th century quick strike force

Maj. John Pelham

One of the most famous persons connected with horse artillery, North or South, was Confederate Major John Pelham. Major Pelham commanded as many as thirty pieces of “Flying Artillery”, which were organized into various batteries of four to six cannons per battery. The overall command was commonly known as “Stuart’s Horse Artillery”. Named for Major  James Ewell Brown (J.E.B.) Stuart, cavalry commander, Army of Northern Virginia.

The 2nd Virginia Cavalry,Co. C (a unit originally under the command of Gen. Stuart) portrays one piece of field artillery and is named the catchall title “Stuart’s Horse Artillery”

Stuart’s Horse Artillery Flag